Fun stuff for you to do with your dog outside

If you own a dog, then I’m sure you consider it a family member or friend. Have you heard the saying “dogs are man’s best friend”? Well they are, and they can be a woman’s best friend too. Canine-friends are some of the best friends we will ever have. They stick by our side when we need them. Also a dog can make you feel appreciated and loved. Hopefully you make your dog feel the same.

A benefit of having a canine-buddy is that he/or she is always ready for new adventures, which you can’t always say the same about people. Adventures can refer to the time we spend outdoors whether it’s a day trip or just going outside for a run. This is why owning a dog is exciting! You can explore the outdoors together while providing company to one another.

Some fun stuff to do with furry four-legged friend outside is

  1. Visiting the dog beach
  2. Hiking at a local nature park
  3. Visiting an agility dog park
  4. Going for a run together
  5. Go on a vacation together
  6. Take your dog swimming at the lake, pool or river
  7. Take your dog on a boat ride
  8. Go to obedience classes- they have some outdoors

These activities can offer both you and your dog the opportunity to do something different that can be memorable. I love spending time with my dog at the lake. If my dog could go to the lake every day, she would. That’s why exploring activities can determine what your dog enjoys best. You both will find a mutually rewarding activity to do together.

Also, this can give you an opportunity to meet new people and your dog can find new furry friends to hang with on the weekends. You will be surprised to see how many people take their dogs to these types of places. It’s cute to see all the dogs happy and playing together, especially when you need a break. Dog parks and the dog beach are the best places to find new four-legged friends.


Are Tear Stains on Dogs Permanent

Your lovable pup wasn’t born with tear stains, and while tear staining is common in many breeds it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem.  I know the feeling of taking my pet to the groomer only to see him develop tear stains all over again.   Tear stains are cosmetically unappealing  but even so they can be removed.  There are actually products out there that can get rid of tear staining in your furry friend.

Tear stains are common on many breeds of dogs, and you might have noticed them in your own pet.    Breeds like the Maltese are especially prone to tear stains.   Maltese tear stains are common and like most other breeds  can be removed.    Certain supplements found at can aid in reduction of tear stains.

You can visit this page to find a review of such supplements, I would recommend you find products that only contain natural ingredients. There are products out there that contain questionable ingredients for example tylosin which is an antibiotic used and tested only for domestic farm animals and has yet to be tested on dogs. While you might be considering the ingredients you might also want to consider the application method.  Some supplements are taken with food while others can be applied to the area with a damp cloth. Some of the products are in pill, powder, liquid or in a supplement forms.

If the dog is older, you might have noticed tear stains by your dogs eyes for a long time.  Observing them as just a natural part of your dogs face that will remain there for the rest of your pets life. You may be questioning “Are tear stains on dogs permanent “? Just remember that tear stains are not permanent and it shouldn’t freak you out, you get information on products that help reduce the visibility of tear stains by referring to   Grooming, and supplements are just a few ways to insure you pet doesn’t have to live with tear stains.   These methods are effective and relatively quick ways to get rid of them.  You don’t need to put up with looking at your dog with the tear stains.  Even though it is natural for many breeds to get them it doesn’t mean they can’t be removed.

If you have stumbled upon this page and you own a cat the same information applies to you and your pet.  Tear stains can also be removed in cats and kittens and aren’t a permanent problem.